The mOObs are said to be one of the most in demand bands in the North East ,Covering the best tracks from today's charts, such as The Killers, The Foo Fighters , Kings of Leon,Snow Patrol , Razorlight and reaching back through the years to the 80's and the likes of The Jam, The Police, The Stranglers and U2,Simple Minds,The Smiths,you really should see, hear and FEEL the mOObs at work. It's music to make you want to beat your chest, roar along to or even have dance to (including on tables!!) and are sure to make it a night to remember what ever the venue or occasion.

The mOObs first came on to the local music scene in the November of 2008 ,but what was initally the idea of an " occasional quiet stress relieving local gig" as a night out for the lads, suddenly turned into mOOb mania , with the planned small local venues being unable to cope with the mOObs massive and having to close doors and carparks due several hundred people turning up to see the band at any gig and capacity being filled before the lads had even arrived to set up !

2009 saw The mOObs grow from strength to strength with all shows being a sell out and word continued to spread and requests for the band to perform for some high profile gig's came in and resulted in them playing as part of The Catherine Cookson festival for an open air concert at Bents Park , South Shields supporting X-factor runner up Andy Abraham and playing at large private and corperate events up and down the country, with one hosted by Eddie Izzard , another by Feargal Sharkey and also a show for The British Army amongst them. What ever the occasion large or small The mOObs stepped upto the mark and didn't dissapoint.

The mOObs consist of singer Dave Mole, bassist Colin Harding, keyman Jackson Rowan, drummer Adam Barnes and guitarists Mick Maloney and Ged Mole. In their alter ego guises Brother mOOb, mOObass, mOObskey, mOObang, Mick the mOOb and mOOby.

Dave Mole - formerly of Badger and acoustic trio Isaac's Apple, Dave's style has been likened to a synthesis of Morrisey, Liam Gallagher and  Bob The Builder.

Colin Harding - , Colin's favourite bass is his Rickenbacker 4003 (in black and white, of course). Colin is very grumpy, except when he smiles. It's like a flash of lightning, worth going to a gig just to see if he does one. He also claims there isn't a swear word he either doesn't know or use regularly.

Jackson Rowan - also of The Calm is a veteran keys player of the local scene. He says he started playing keys at 5, but we think he means 5 pm. Jackson's dream is to find out what the little black keys do on his Yamaha and Korg keyboards. His other passion in life is hair dressing as he owns a salon with his partner Christine. He therefore thinks he is 100% qualified to state his hair colour is African sunset, and not ginger!!

Adam Barnes - also of Jen Stevens & The Hiccups is our mOObairn. The only thing he likes better than thumping his Gretch tubs is settling down to watch Brokeback Mountain again and again with his girlfriend. He's also trying his hardest to cultivate bigger mOObs...we suggest he stops working out.

Mick Maloney (super goalie, naa na na na na naaa etc.) - formerly of 'too many to mention' plays lead most of the time, even when we don't want him to. Probably the most optimistic pessimist alive, Mick's a man of mystery and stalks descendents of Leo Fender.


Ged / Jed Mole - formerly of Little Aberdeen, Badger, Isaac's Apple and The Sicknotes. Jed can't decide how to spell his name. He also can't decide to sing or play his Rickenbacker rhythm stick, so he does a bit of both, equally half-arsed.




Honorary mOObs

Webmaster - Stephen Ludford (mOObweb)
PA & Lights - Dave Clark of FOH PA Hire (mOOboom)
Transport & Logistics - Gary "Hobson" Leighton (mOObdrivecarrybuypint's)
Photograhy - Kevin Duffy (mOObflash)
Security- John Caizley (mOObash)

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