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Norman Gwynn
Guys, before the sandancer gig i went to i was, and confess to being a moobs virgin although i had heard about you lots. What a cracking band will be seeing you again soon.
7 April 2009 - Jarrow

Looking forward to seeing you at The Mile tomorrow!
Saw your write up in the Gazette . Cool!
5 March 2009 - Newcastle

Kevin Duffy
Hi lads seen three of your gigs so far enjoyed every minute, will be seeing more, was gonna ask jackson to do me shift so I can come and see ya's but he's never at work never mind see you next Friday, your unofficial photographer
20 February 2009 - South Shields

stephen edwards
the gig at the riverside was mint i was out for a few and enjoyed it im goin to try to make it to as many as possible :)
16 February 2009

Ian Hall
The show rocked at the Elmfield last night lads. I love my t-shirt. And what a bonus it is that I have my own moobs to put in it. Looking forward to the gig at the greyhound on the 24th of April.
15 February 2009 - Jarrow

Sara Taylor
Had a great night, totally awesome. You guys rock!
2 February 2009 - South Shields
Webmaster comments   Thanks Sara, glad you enjoyed it.

Superb mOObs! Superb. Great songs, great performance. And love me Tshirt! Up The mOObs!
2 February 2009 - South Shields
Webmaster comments   Thanks Gareth, wear it with pride....we do!!UTFM

Lads that was phenomenal! I was at The Riverside last night and loved every minute. Can't remember seeing a performance like that in a pub for a long long time! Will be at The Elmfield with some mates. Nice one! Loved the Rics!!!
2 February 2009 - Newcastle
Webmaster comments   Cheers Danny that means a lot to us, glad you enjoyed it and spread the word mate!!

Hi Guy's seen you the other night at the clock I've got to say you are the best band we've seen for years your wasted in pubs, can't wait to see you at the next one and wonder if you'll play at my wedding???please!!
26 January 2009 - South Shields
Webmaster comments   Thank's mate ,glad you enjoyed it!! yes come see us and sure we can work something out. Cheers

Happy New Year!!
2 January 2009 - South Shields

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