Here's just a few comments and messages we have received after gig's , many thanks to everyone who took the time to write these we are so humbled by your support.....

To Jed, Dave, Colin, Jackson, Adam and Mick,
I just wanted to say a massive thank-you for your gig at The Hebburn Buffs for my 40th Birthday party on Saturday. Both me and Pam knew you wouldn't let us down but you exceeded our wildest expectations.
We had a fantastic night as did every single one of our guests. I've had e-mails, phone calls, texts and messages on Facebook from those who were there saying what an amazing night it was and what a fantastic band you are. A lot of those were family and friends who had never seen you play and in the words of one friend "was blown away and buzzing well into the night".
You made the night very personal and my highlight was when you played "Ever Fallen In Love" by The Buzzcocks for Pam, which I had initially requested but you said you never played. To know that you'd included it (and probably rehearsed it just for us) was an honour.
Thanks again lads for one of the best nights of my life. It will live with me and Pam forever.

Peter & Pamela Foggo, via e-mail 14th June 2011

The mOObs are a fantastic sounding live band who played at our 15th Annual Beer festival in Hartlepool .These guys are very professional in the lead up to the gig and they are absolutely fantastic on stage .Everyone was up dancing and singing along , and after doing this for 15 years we know how hard that is , even to the point where we have been asked to get the mOObs back to play again highlighting their popularity

Graeme Smith, Vice Chairman Hartlepool Round Table, October 2010

Have seen the mOObs about a dozen times from their first gig at the Lord Nelson up to Bents Park and I can honestly say they are one of the best bands I have ever seen...... At every gig you will see people jumping, dancing, screaming and singing along. I have heard some songs by the band which I didn't actually know but the covers are so impressive I have went out and bought the album by the original artist.

A group of down to earth and accomplished musicians who are well worth getting out to see.

Keith Whalen via guest book .. 1 September 2010 - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Just like to thank The mOObs for a fantastic performance at our wedding new years eve! You were all amazing and all of our guests have done nothing but talk about how fantastic The mOObs were. (You also made Davids night being able to sing along with you) The mOObs are THE best band around!!! Thanks again guys! See you all soon .

Dave and Gayle Marshall (via our guest book)

I would just like to say excellent work to all of you guys who played at the Celebrity Question of Sport Dinner 2009. The guests have given brilliant feedback about the music and from an organisational point of view, you were all great. Thanks so much for taking part and I hope to see you play at a forthcoming Falcons game in the near future.
Kind Regards

Gill Stephenson

Marketing Manager, Newcastle Falcons

Came across a good review of Fridays gig. Sandancer fri 3 April 2009 in The Ginger Git Gig Pit.

"Louise our singer poorly this weekend so had to cancel both of our gigs so gave me and wor lass the opportunity to get out and about.Had full intentions of going to see Shovelmouth at the Office but got stuck in The Sandancer where a band called The Moobs were playing. 6 piece band keys etc.

What a great band these guys are, never seen or heard of them but what a great show.
Playing mainly modern Rock/Indie covers with a bit of oldish, Jam,Queen.

All the guys really enjoying themselves especially the drummer,young lad, but was class.
FOH PA + Lighting doing the sound, lad called Dave did a good job.

If ya get the chance go and see these guys proper top draw problem is they dont seem to be gigging much, was just by chance we were in the Sandancer
and they were on. Well worth a look.

Andy (The Strobes)

I wish to thank the mOObs for an outstanding performance at the Riverside on of the best local bands in the last 2 decades. Highly recommended. Thanks again lads HEDS

Mr Paul Hedley, The Riverside Mill Dam South Shields ( Via Facebook)

Must say that was impressive very polished, very professional slick show. I think your showing us all how its supposed to be done. Destined for many a great thing,

Up The mOObs!!


Paul Davies ( The Throes )Sand Dancer 3rd April

"The Moobs were PURE CLASS last night, absolutely loved the gig and had a great night. Its great the whole audience have such an enjoyable time, it could be because the band are so passionate about the music they play....;-)

Lynne Chambers (via Facebook)